How to take a Sample

  1. Non-Invasive
  2. Cheek Swab Test
  3. 1 Minute,Painless Procedure

Before Collecting the Sample

  1. Ensure your mouth is clean( there should be no food particles,tea residue,smoke residue etc.
  2. In case you have consumed food,tea,juice pan,etc. make sure to rinse your mouth half an hour before sample collection.


  1. Plastic Courier Envelope
  2. Consent Form
  3. Sample Transport Pouch
  1. Holding the swab from the bottom, open your mouth.
  2. Now,firmly rub the cheek swab on the inside of both cheek for 10 times.
  3. Immediatly after collecting the cheek swab, place the cheek swab back into the sterile sleeve from which you removed it.
  4. Place the sterile cheek swab containing pouch into the paper envelope marked sample transport pouch.
  5. Place both the filled consent form envelope and sample transport pouch envelope into the plastic courier envelope.
  6. Remove the plastic seal on the flap of the courier envelope and seal it shut.
  7. You are now ready to schedule a sample pick-up.