Our Company is dedicated to empowering individual’s / clinicians with their genetic information. Our focus is on multi-factorial conditions that have clinically actionable prevention therapies available.

We help clinicians assess genetic risks, diagnose complex genetics disorders, avoid adverse drug reactions and choose the best therapy.   To this end, we are committed to make genetic screening a routine part of health care in India. Furthermore, we believe that genetic screening is a human right and not a luxury, and has made genetic screening as cost-effective as conventional blood tests. DNA testing is the future of health care.


• We envision transforming the patient care and improving the healthcare and living standards in the country.

• We people are informed by a deep understanding of the genomics and other maolecular changes that contribute to their well being and life style.


• The company aims to be a leading global medical technology provider bringing world class molecular diagnostics.

• The company will add value in terms of innovation and quality control.

• The company intends to meet the needs of the people and industry without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs maintaining sustainability.